Multifunctional chalice


Multifunctional chalice/candle holder. This design combines with two little cups four peach blossoms and gold plated inner, and can be used as a small liquor cup on one side or a measuring cup for cocktail mixing. Using the smaller side, it can be used as candle holder/egg cup if the user wishes. The inspiration comes from Chinese culture peach blossoms which represent popularity; the person who used this chalice will have an endless stream of good company
Material: Sterling silver, Gold plated Size: Approximately. 54X54X79 mm/120G. BespokeĀ : If you would like to discuss ordering a variation or changing the metal to silver on this design please email us.

Delivery: This unique piece was made entirely by hand, and made to order. Please allow 2 – 3 weeks for delivery, if the item is needed for a specific date please contact me.

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